KNIME Server Question

I don't have experience using KNIME Server, but I think the KNIME server is capable of maintaining workflow versions and workflow sharing. I would like to know if it is possible for a team of data scientists to collaborate on KNIME server platform. More specifically,

1. Can they team members make changes to the same workflow and save revisions? So then other members can update their workflow to get those changes and make further edits and saves to the workflow? Similar to github for team of programmers.

2. Is there any chat or discussion integrated with workflow or sub-workflow - so it may be easier for team to discuss on what problem they are trying to solve in a node or group of nodes?

We are a research team Syracuse University working on a collaboration platform project for data scientists. We are trying to use KNIME platform for workflow development and github (since we do not have access to KNIME server) for collaboration. But we do not want to re-invent the wheel if you have already integrated all the collaboration tools in KNIME server.

Thank you very much.


Hi Yatish,

1. Yes, it is possible to save revisions of workflows on the server, and it is possible to give access to the workflows for different team members.

2. Yes, this is something that is currently in the works. We call it the Social Workflow Repository, and we have released a first preview of this together with KNIME Server 4.6. The Social Workflow Repository can be accessed from a browser and allows you to add comments to workflows, assign tags, and even rate the workflows. It also provides an overview of the workflow, including an image of the main flow.