Knime Server REST API authorizations

I am currently trying to access the REST API on Knime server.

After creating the get request on Swagger, I tried to run it on Postman with my Knime server credentials with basic authentication. However I am getting a 403 error and the follow response:

Account ‘victor’ is not allowed to log in. Account is not in the list of allowed consumer groups or account names.

I’m not sure what setting is causing me not to be able to use the REST API. I can log into the Knime server webportal and on the desktop application with my credentials.

Hi @vsung ,

What size KNIME Server do you have? KNIME server small is not allowed to use the REST API.

Also, could you please check your knime-server.config file to see which accounts are allowed for login?

Hello @ztrubow,

Thank you for your reply.

The server size is large.

My account is allowed for login. I have been using the same login to run workflows on the Knime server through the desktop client as well as in the web portal.

My account is under: com.knime.server.login.user.allowed_groups=D5A_Internal

Hi @vsung ,

Would you mind emailing us at and we can set up a call to troubleshoot with you?