KNIME Server scheduled execution stopped working

I use KNIME Server (AWS), I tested scheduled execution in the past and it worked.
Now I try it again and it doesn’t work.

In the “localhost” log file, I found the following lines:

13-May-2020 09:47:46.667 INFO [http-nio-8080-exec-7] com.knime.enterprise.server.ejb.ExecutorBean.discard Discard of job ‘Test_Repeat_Scheduled 2020-05-13 09.47.45’ (id=ccee9639-f987-4849-b27c-c111571e6f7b) requested by user ‘knimeadmin’ from client (…)

13-May-2020 09:47:46.667 INFO [http-nio-8080-exec-7] Discarding job ‘/POC/Test_Repeat_Scheduled (Test_Repeat_Scheduled 2020-05-13 09.47.45; ccee9639-f987-4849-b27c-c111571e6f7b)’ (UUID ccee9639-f987-4849-b27c-c111571e6f7b)

I don’t understand the reason for this discard.

I read the thread Waiting for executor - while i shedule workflow - workflow not executing !! perioulsy it was working, but it doesn’t seem to be the same problem - in my case all the files in /opt/knime/knime-4.1.2/configuration are with owner and group knime.
What else can I check?


Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.

Jobs will be automatically discarded after 7 days by default. That message looks like a “normal” message of a job being either deleted after 7 days or maybe removed from memory.

With scheduled jobs, you will see an INFO message in the localhost log that shows the scheduled job being executed.

Please change the logging level to FINEST in the, and then try your tests again. If it continues to fail, please contact us with the full log file for further analysis.

Thank you,

As an additional followup, the lines in the that you’ll want to change would be: