KNIME Server setup for high-availability


Can anyone suggest if there is any best practices or white paper of building the high available setup with KNIME Server?
We’re planning to have two VMs in a primary-standby pair, the question is how to organize them to be ready for a primary’s failure event.
The target environment is on Azure, OS is Linux, own-managed virtual machines.


Hi Andriy,

We’ve been starting to put this together in the documentation. Starting with AWS. It’s still a bit short on details, but hopefully it’s a good starting place.

The AWS concepts should all have direct equivalents, see e.g. here:
For example Microsoft Files would be a suitable alternative to EFS (which you’d probably want to allow failover of the server).

We’d be happy to review an architecture once you’ve put together a proposal.



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Any official documentation available on this topic for self managed on premise linux VMs ?


Hi Sudheer,

Thank you for your message.
Currently, we do not have any official documentation available for self-managed on premise on Linux VMs.

We will keep you posted as soon as we will release it. You will be able to find it here:


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