Knime Server Small for AWS on a separate instance compared to my DB

I subscribed to Knime Server via AWS. I already have an AWS EC2 instance that hosts my DB and other resources.

The Knime setup process asked me to provide my instance key pair. Which I did.Now when the installation finished, the Knime setup installation has appeared as a separate instance.

My imagination was that it will get hosted on the same EC2 instance as my DB.
I was hoping to avoid having to worry about ip addresses and security groups.

Either I have a higher expectation Or I have done it incorrectly.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

How have other people done this? Any experience shared will be valuable.

Hi there @Shai,

I have done it and if I got it right subscribing to KNIME Server on AWS (AMI Images) doesn’t offer possibility to choose existing EC2.


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