KNIME Server SSO implementation

Hi All,

we are running knime server 4.13.1 with 2 distrubited executor on tomcat apache.

We are at the moment using LDAP for authentication and would like to implement SSO ( single sign on)

I only was able to find out how to configure this on Windows servers as we do not have.

Does anyone know how to configure SSO with LDAP on tomcat apache?

Thanks in advance

Hi @hazalaltin,

Welcome to the KNIME community.

I assume that you are referring to this Guide which describes the KNIME Server Kerberos SSO Setup on Windows. The same should also possible to setup on Linux.

If possible I would recommend to setup the OpenID/OIDC SSO instead as this would be easier to configure. If your company already offers an OpenID Connect enabled Identity Provider the setup should be achievable following the mentioned Guide. We could assist you configuring specific configurations like resolving group memberships.



Hello Michael, Thank you very much for your message. I already have a open ticket for this with the support team for days now. Is it possible to escalate the ticket or make it is priority?

For sure, sorry for the inconvenience. I took over the ticket and will take care of it.