KNIME Server to KNIME Hub Migration workflow - Mount point Change


Is this workflow (knime server to knime hub) works for migration?

I have moved the “knime server to knime hub migration workflow” to server and run but the automatic migration taking long time and not working, Tried to use manual connection but that also failed due to null error.

Later found on the logs it use the default mount point “knime” instead our customized mount point in the REST API.

Updated the variable expression & string manipulation using the custom mount point in the below metanode,

The workflow passed and got connected to knime server & hub but failed in the Analyze workflows error during workflow retrieval with default mount point /knime. Seems somewhere in the workflow it pointing the default Mount point (knime).

Can anyone suggest where exactly the mount point entry to be updated for this workflow apart from the above metanodes ?



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