KNIME server uninstallation process


I had read from few posts that only the way to uninstall KNIME server is to delete the installation directory.

But I was in search of some process where I can do it step by step.
Do you have any such document available?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @vinayashree,

can you please give some more details on the information you need? There is no uninstall documentation, all you need to do is delete all installation directories.


Hi Roland,

Thanks for confirming on the documentation part.

I am moving KNIME server installation from one user to another in the same server machine.
So I was looking for guide which can explain us about uninstallation steps like:

  • automatically taking backup (at specified path)
  • copying older configuration(as exported configuration)
  • copying older workflows

and use the same set of configuration for new server installation.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @vinayashree,

There are currently no ways to do this automatically. For general backup instructions, please see here:

After following these steps, you can safely delete the old KNIME Server installation.


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