KNIME Server VS Anaconda/Python Libraries

Hello all,

Premise : I am really newbie with KNIME Server and generally with server admin, and I’m having a hard time in trying to understand the available KNIME documentation on that topic.

I know that a conda environment (with all standard packages - pandas, numpy, etc.) is already configured on the server machine, but I need to install another library (i.e. opepyxl). I was unable to find any relevant guidance/example /use case. How can I perform this apparently simple task on KNIME Server ?

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Hello @Fra_S3k_knime ,

Do I understand correctly that you would like to install and configure the python integration to be used with Analytics Platform? Then you would like to deploy workflows using python nodes on your server?

Did you find this documentation?

There is a section about Manually installing additional Python packages under the Configuring the KNIME Python Integration.

I hope it helps,

Hi @dora_gcs, thanks you for your answer and sorry for my late reply (I was working on it)

Yes, I read the the documentation that you suggested, but as I am starting it was not super-clear and complete (from my point of view).

It was my fault, as the package was installed on anaconda on the server, but not in the environment I was using. So, on PUTTY, I activated the environment :

conda env list

Then installed the package in the intended environment :

conda install openpyxl=3.0.7

  • “=3.0.7” it is not necessary if you don’t need to specify the version

To check if the package exists/have been installed :

conda list

If someone is having the same issue and still struggling to understand what’s above, feel free to contact me.

Hello @Fra_S3k_knime ,

thanks for letting us to know what was the problem! It is always nice to have the solution in the thread!

I am glad you managed it!

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