Knime Server workflow job path

Dear guru’s,

Due to limited disk on the installation folder (C:), we moved the workflow_repository folder to a new volume and also changed the configuration in com.knime.server.repository_path to the new path.

But after the move, I see that the new workflow job is now stored on C:\Windows\temp folder.
Why is the workflow job now stored in this location? Is there a different setting?

Hi @alalbert,

the KNIME Executor will store running jobs in a temp folder. This folder can be changed by adding following line at the bottom of the knime.ini file in the executor’s installation folder:
(Even for Windows paths I suggest using forward slashes here, though backslashes or escaped backslashes (\\) will likely also work.)

An executor service restart is required for the change to take effect.

Should many folders in that newly chosen temp directory persist for days and longer, you may want to increase the time the executor has to send jobs back to the server by a few minutes. The parameter is found on the WebPortal under Administration > Configuration and is called com.knime.server.job.default_swap_timeout.

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