Knime Server - Workload Reset - upload.force_reset not working

Currently to configure some server side settings to enforce behaviours for production workloads on KNIME Server. (v4.16.2)

First one being the enabling of this setting:

Have tested enabling this setting however workloads that we upload in a run state don’t actually appear to get reset on upload – is this a bug or expected? My understanding is that this setting would force the reset of any workload uploaded to the server regardless of the state it’s uploaded in?

Second setting tested is the following:

Whilst testing, it would appear that whilst it does indeed enable the tick box in the client automatically, it doesn’t actually grey the option out meaning that people can still turn this off and upload workloads in a ran state that then breaks/causes issues when we need to trigger/execute them via automated processes. is there any to enforce this in a hardened way?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hello @dxrxalias ,

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I have tested this function on two different server / executor environments:
KS 4.15.1 / KE 4.6.4
KS 4.16.2 / KE 4.7.4
and in both cases this function worked as expected. (The executed workflow was reset during upload to the server and the local user was unable to turn off the ‘Reset workflow(s) before upload’ option.)

I used the settings below:

Could you please check again these settings in your knime-server.config files?


Okay went back and tested this specific configuration and that seemed to work. Not sure if i was too hasty the first time round testing or needed to reset my KNIME client locally first before properly testing but we’re good now so will close this one out! Cheers

Hello @dxrxalias ,

Thank you for your feedback! I’m happy it works now!


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