KNIME ServerSpace can't log in

I am trying to add a mount point in KNIME Analytics Platform to connect to my KNIME Server. Whenever I hit Test Connection in Edit Mount Point dialog, I get

"Could not connect to server: Login failed for user 'tomee': Invalid response from server: -1".

Everything was set up per the KNIME Server 4.2 Installation and Administration guide. I can log in to my Tomee at http://localhost:8081/tomee/ using the credentials tomee/tomee and I get the "Your server is fully installed." page.

Can anyone identify what I'm doing wrong? I am using knime 3.1.2 and server 4.2.5

Can you access the WebPortal at http://localhost:8081/com.knime.enterprise.server? What address did you use when adding the mount point?

I can access the WebPortal at http://localhost:8081/com.knime.enterprise.server but when I log in to it there is nothing listed under Workflow Repository.

When creating the mount point, I used http://localhost:8081/tomee

You are using the wrong address for the mount point. It's http://localhost:8081/tomee/ejb. See also page 10 of the installation manual.

Here is what I'm currently seeing. My user is tomee and password is tomee. It is a member of all roles using basic file based authentication from tomcat-users.xml. I actually have a decent amount of experience with tomcat and webapps but can't find anything in my server logs related to my login attempts from Knime explorer. Nothing in any of the tomcat logs or the eclipse logs when I click login and get the "invalid response from server: -1". Thanks again for your time!!

The attached image is wider that what may appear in the forum, can open it in a new window.

My machine name is stc-sardinia and all this work is done from that machine so stc-sardinia is localhost.

Another group shares this server and runs a separate instance of tomcat on its default port (8080). I am using a second instance of tomcat that's on port 8081 having changed ports as described here (

Are you using Tomcat or TomEE? The KNIME Server strictly requires TomEE 1.7 and not only a pure Tomcat installation.

I suggest you start with a standard installation following our installation guide. If this works, than you can try to make custom notifications and then you can also find the steps where it breaks easier.

I am using TomEE. I have followed the KNIME server installation guide steps so far

If I use KNIME Analytics Platform 2.12.2 I can connect to my server with the ServerSpace connection. I still can't get past the issue with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.1.2

I don't see any reason why login from 3.1 shouldn't work if it is working from 2.12. The server connector is the same. Please double-check that you have used exactly the same values when adding the mount point and that you don't have any proxies or such configured when access the localhost.

Thanks for all your help! I have determined it is a Knime Analytics Platform proxy issue. If I set my proxy to "Direct" then it works. I had the proxy set to "Manual" with proxy bypass set for my machine but that just doesn't work for some reason.

I had proxy bypass for my machine (stc-sardinia) and all possible permutations with their checkboxes checked:
- stc-sardinia
- stc-sardinia (its fqdn)
- localhost
- its IP address

It still only connects to my server if I use "Direct" for my Knime Analytics Platform connectioin type.

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