KNIME sharing

Is it possible to share one KNIME installation on a server with other user? Every user assumes to have his own work space and access to his local HD files.

If you mean: can two users log in to the same machine with a single KNIME application installed and each run that application at the same time? Then yes, as long as they have different workspace directories.

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Sounds good. How those users will manage default location? Say they do not suppose to see each other work space.

On a user’s first launch of KNIME, they will be presented with an option to choose a directory location for their workspace - which defaults to a directory in their home directory.

Thank you quaeler. Do you think users will not be able to switch to other user directory?

That depends on the system administration of the machine and/or network-users policy; if the user accounts are configured so that a user can not read another user’s home directory, then no.

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1 -What about configuring a central installation that still allows us to use individual extensions? I want users to share the central installation but each user be able to install their own extensions and I don’t want to see other users extensions…
2 - I also want that users don’t get asked about their default workspace, so they won’t mess up with other directories, let’s say every user will have their default workspace on C:\Users\username\worskpace.

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