KNIME showing webpages and saving them as PDF

I was just wandering if it is possible to use KNIME to show webpages.
Use cases are manifold. But the general idea:

  • I have URLs for multiple web pages
  • I want to show in an application a some of those web pages depending on conditions that I set in the WF
  • I may want to save the respective webpage(s) as pdf(s)
  • I may want to concatenate those pdfs with a certain condition to one pdf.

I know those are several steps and may need some coding (java/python/html/iframe?)
But would this be possible?

Appreciate some support on this topic.

Ah, and yet another feature, that could potentially be of interest:
Could KNIME touch/connect to a webpage and trigger some actions there?
e.g. connect to a sharepoint site and modify permissions to specific files/folders depending on some conditions


To interact with webpages you normally need selenium nodes. KNIME has those nodes but you need to install them separately and I am not sure whether they are free

They are doing a 300 euro per user per year license now. I think you can do a free one month demo though.

Thank you for the answers,
You mean all the above requirements are only possible with selenium?
Even to show a webpage via a KNIME app is not possible without selenium?

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