KNIME Slave is not compatible with KNIME Server


I’m getting this error when trying to run workflows on KNIME Server:

KNIME Slave 4.10.0 is not compatible with KNIME Server, at least version 4.10.1 is required.

The update sites on executor are all 4.1 and there is no update available.

Are shutting the KNIME instance before the update of the executor?

After shutting the service down, confirm there are no knime executors running in memory
Windows, you can use task manager, for linux, ps -ef | grep knime , or a whichever command you prefer.

If any knime executor processes are running you will need to kill them. Then start up the service again.


Thank you @jeffgullick-knime, closing knime process in background after shutting down tomee and starting tomee again fixed the issue.


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