Knime SMB Connector failing after upgrading to 4.6



We recently updated to Knime 4.6 (change log) and after doing so one of our workflows that uses an SMB Connector node started failing. The SMB Connector node completes successfully but the CSV Writer node that used the SMB Connection fails with the following error.

ERROR CSV Writer 8:92 Execute failed: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.hierynomus.smbj.common.SMBRuntimeException: com.hierynomus.protocol.transport.TransportException: EOF while reading packet

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @dataMover ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have recently received another ticket with the same error message relating to the SMB node and 4.6.0. I will raise another JIRA ticket to our development team to take a look into this.

As a note, .0 releases are meant to be versions for people to explore our new features and is not meant for production environments, so usually there are a few bugs that haven’t been fully patched just yet. With our .1 release of 4.6 most of these issues should be resolved. We appreciate your patience while we work on sorting out the 4.6.0 release issues.



Hi @dataMover

this looks like a bug in the smbj library which we are using for the SMB Connector node (with AP 4.6 we updated the library version due to other bugs). We are unable to reproduce the issue on our end here and it seems to only happen with some SMB fileservers. Would it be possible to get precise info about the configuration of your SMB fileserver and/or some server-side logs? From the looks of it, the fileserver is closing the connection, but we have no idea why.