KNIME Table Editor lagging


I am using the table editor view as the main UI to configure and execute my workflows.
It seems that there’s a problem with the node but I’ve no specific warnings to resolve it.

When I modify the values and then apply the changes, the window stops responding as well as KNIME itself. The modified values are applied most of the time though, just that it takes too long. It is also not lagging always. Does anyone know what could be the reason?
Having NAN values in the table might be a problem?

Sometimes there’s no warning. Other times I have the following warning, which can appear more than one time.
WARN WizardNodeView Unable to retrieve value from view

So it doesn’t have to do with None values (the red question marks) since I tried not having any of them in the table and I still encounter the same issue.
The main issue here is that there’s no warning so I have no idea what’s going wrong.
But after many run it managed to throw the following error, but still it doesn’t indicate much…

This error popped in as well after some consecutive runs.
I cannot indicate the issue but 4/5 times it works but then there are times that it lags for too much time.
Still, when it lags or not, the values are applied to the table.

Hi @vasichar11 , thank you for your message.

Just guessing here, how many rows does your table have? Have you tried running the workflow on another machine?
If you can, you can share with us an example workflow so that we can reproduce.


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I don’t think is the size that matters since I have tables with 10 rows and still encounter the same issue. In general, I can have more than 100.

I have tried running the workflow on another machine.

I will try to share the workflow soon

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