KNIME Table Reader times out when scheduled on the server

Hi, I’ve got some workflows scheduled to run nightly on the KNIME Server 4.8.1 (yes I know…we’re upgrading!).

A couple of workflows have started failing execution recently and these have failed due to the KNIME Table Reader timing out (ERROR Table Reader 0:41: Execute failed: Read timed out).

These tables are quite big (~20,000 rows, hundreds of columns).

Is there a way to increase the Table Reader’s timeout please?

I’ve seen comments on increasing timeouts for DB readers etc but not for standard KNIME Table Readers…

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @michazeidan

This is possible in recent versions of KNIME, specifically since 4.1 (KNIME Server 4.10). Unfortunately this was not possible in previous table readers. Updating the server would be the easiest way to solve your problems in this case.

Do you have many table readers reading the same file in your workflow?