KNIME Tickets

Occasionally, a KNIME team member will mention a ticket for an issue, e.g., AP-12016. Is it possible for the public to view the tickets, or are they only viewable by the KNIME development team? If the public can view the tickets, where do you go to see them?

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Hi @rrousselot,

I once asked that as well. The only insights you get is from the release notes like here:

And from n automation in the forum which adds a comment to the ticket once the ticket got resolved with a release.

Ticket details can contain sensitive / internal details which I can understand is difficult to manage from a vendor perspective. So I believe this is as much as what we can expect. Though, I agree some sort of dashboard showing tickets issues, planned, in progress etc. like a Canaban Dashboard, with links to the tickets to improve collaboration within the community, would be a nice to have.


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Now if we only had software that could generate reports/dashboards…

Thanks for the information.

Spoiler alert … I am working on a workflow to try to answer questions like “Report to resolution ratio” or “How many suggested features were ever developed” :wink:

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