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Hello KNIME community. I am working on a simple work flow for a school project. This program is online, and I’m not sure why I am not able to execute certain nodes. Can I find a tutor though this avenue?

Hi @Laurel,

I think if you post concrete questions (or errors you get) - people will try to help you.
->Example workflows are always appreciated for the failing nodes :slight_smile:

However I guess nobody will do your full work for the school project :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi again,

Please see the attached images. I am trying to execute the decision tree and forest learners, but as you can see I’m stuck in configuration and have no idea what to do to configure and get results.

Hi @Laurel,

*the learner created a prediction model (so the logic of the decision tree)
For the predictor node you now need to input the data you want to predict (i guess the upper port of the Partitioning Node)

*the Random Forest Predictor needs and input model (from an Random Forest Lerner Node)
and the Random Forest Predictor (Regression) needs an input model from the Random Forest Lerner (Regression) Node

You should check the example workflows:

You should also check the KNIME Hub

or Nodepit

to look into the configuration description and find already created workflows by the community (so you can check out how they build there models/configured the nodes)

In general - if nodes have an input port, then you need to fill that connection with some input (some exceptions exists - but then they are markt as optional in the node description)


These responses have been so helpful!! Finally seeing green. Thank you so much :slight_smile:



If new questions come up - then feel free to ask them in a new post :slight_smile:

*please mark the solution - so this topic is closed
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Hi there @Laurel,

glad you made it with help of @AnotherFraudUser!

Additionally here is link to KNIME introductory online course which can help you figure out how things work in KNIME :wink:


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you might also want to invest in KNIME Beginner’s Luck!

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