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Is there a list of Knime tutors who would be able to help with a project that I’m doing for graduate school? I’m not familiar with this software and I’m really struggling.

Hi pjkil, welcome to the Knime forum

I guess that while you find a Knime tutor you can upload a sample workflow and explain us what do you want to achieve.

I am pretty sure we can help or guide you



@pjkil you could start by taking one or two video courses from:

Or the free KNIME bootcamp from Udemy

This might help you familiarise yourself with the KNIME software. Then you could further explore other learning sources. And you could try and bring your problem to the KNIME forum.

But you should make sure that if this is an educational assignment you would do enough work on your own, but you will find plenty of inspiration in this forum an on the KNIME hub.


Email me about your needs. I teach Data Science with KNIME online at the University of California, Irvine. If you are willing to do the work, I can run you through an old UCI course on Applications of Predictive Analytics. At one time, I loaded it all onto the KNIME Hub. I expect that it is still there, I will just have to track it down. This course requires no prior knowledge of KNIME, Data Science, or Statistical Analysis.



Email me on we can give you a 3 hr intensive to get you started (free). Where are you based?

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