Knime UI 4.3.1 keeps freezing up

I have recently upgraded from Knime 3.7.2 to Knime 4.3.1 and it keeps freezing up, I have even waiting 5-10 minutes with no luck much of the time. It happens a lot when just navigating to the Knime Explorer. I end up having to shut Knime down and reopen it to try again. Any advice?

hello @MapperKnime,

that’s for sure quite a change! Hope that besides this freezing you are enjoying new KNIME features. And regarding freezing is there anything specific to your workspace location? What OS are you running?

If I were you I would try following things. New workspace and/or starting KNIME with -clean parameter (see here). If there’s no change and KNIME is still freezing my next step would be to reinstall KNIME. But probably before that (or even first thing) would be to check KNIME log files after KNIME gets stuck next time. One log is located at ...\knime-workspace\.metadata and another one at ...knime-workspace\.metadata\knime. Make sure to set KNIME log level to DEBUG to get maximum information into KNIME. You can share logs here as well and someone will take a look :wink: Just please make sure you exclude sensitive data from it, if any.


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