KNIME user activity

Hi all,
I would like to track users activities within our knime server. Can you please help on how I can do this kind of users audit?

Hi @pkamenga ,

What type of use activity would you like to track? For instance, jobs created and their schedules?

Best wishes

Hi ana,

I would like to track any user activity. for instance if a user publishes a workflow or delete a workflow or create a sub-workflow group. I want to make sure that as admin, I can see any activity performed by any user.

hello @pkamenga,

do you mean something like that? Link to HUB


Hello @Sven,
Yes something that can help to audit users’ activities(e.g. execute workflow, upload workflow, delete workflow). I want to be able as admin to see what other knime users are doing as activities. Do you know any log file that I can check? Our knime server is a linux server.


Hi @pkamenga

One log that can help you with that is the localhost.logs and the localhost_access logs inside of /logs

The workflow sven pointed you to helps parsing these logs in a way that it is easy to verify user activity.

You can also verify workflow execution (if you are an admin) via the KNIME Webportal > monitoring section

Best wishes