KNIME v5.1 - Error Dialog

Any exception throwing by settings class has same message and type. It will be nice to have error dialogs.(I don’t know something like ErrorDialogException class which can be thrown from settings class)
Below picture shows a situation where user opens the node dialog and sees an exception without any meaning full message.

Hey @nmorti,

can you give me a bit more details on what you are trying to achieve? Is this a Node that you have created yourself with Java or Python?



Hi @DanielBog ,

Yes, this is a sample node that I’ve created using Java and WebUI facilities. When user opens the dialog, a request send to some external service (in Settings class) and some default settings are created based on that and is shown to user.
Sometimes service is unavailable So whatever exception I throw from Settings class, the mentioned dialog appears. At the end, I want some nice error dialog containing my message!