KNIME v5.2.x - freezes when dealing with many columns

Dear KNIMErs,

I have experienced when I try to load tables that are not ‘big in size’ but have quite a few columns (105 in my case), the modern UI freezes for quite a bit. I assume that the Node Monitor which is there by default tries to render them and takes some time for it.

In the classic interface I have experienced this as well BUT could work around it by having e.g. the console as the default ‘open’ window in my setup.

KNIME still works as it should but this somehow stops me from quickly building workflows.

I wonder if

  • there is an issue / bug tracker somewhere to report this?
  • there are some other solutions than ‘switching back to classic’ to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

ps: I forgot: I sue KNIME 5.2.5 on a Win10 machine (have experienced the same thoguh with KNIME 5.2.3 on a Win11 machine)



just wanted to add a +1 to this. I also encountered that problem quite often now since I have work with rather huge tables at the moment.
Makes it really uncomfortable for me to work in the new ui, especially when multiple tables are open.

Best regards

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Thanks a lot for your support @schulz_d

Maybe some ideas for how KNIME could work around this:

  • only execute the node monitor once the user explicitly says so - for an ‘unexecuted node’ the button is already there
  • have the Node Monitor closed by default. I have not tested it in the modern UI but wonder if I have closed the node monitor (by clicking on the border between workflow canvas and node monitor the latter gets closed / minimized - eventually that would help (of course always assuming it’s a render issue of the node monitor)


thanks for reporting this issue and I am happy to tell you that we are currently working on exactly this issue. The improvements should soon land in the nightly. As soon as this happens it would be amazing to hear if that solves the problems you are experiencing.

And yes, as soon as you have collapsed the table monitor the table should not be rendered anymore and therefore, you shouldn’t experience these freezes.

Let me know if that helps.