KNIME version 4.4 had happened "Not respond" more time

Hi Team Developer,

I had install and used KNIME version 4.4 (Lastest). I have some comment to your find out or tracking.

  1. When I open for see output version 4.3 is faster than 4.4 about 20-45 sec but sometimes 4.4 has freeze or not responding (I used on windows version).

  2. When execute process some node 4.4 is used time longer than 4.3 about 1.2-1.5 times and has freeze or not responding. sometimes. especially I used Sorting function 4.4 is longer…longer more 4.3 (I surely setup heap memory java same previous install and same notebook).

Please help to investigate the issue.

thank you.

Hi @kritsapatw

thank you for your input. Are you running KNIME on Windows? In that case, I’d assume the difference in execution times is caused by Windows Defender. Even if you don’t have specific settings for the earlier KNIME version, it might run more scans, since the new version is, well, new.

I would recommend adding exceptions for knime.exe and the folder it is located in, to increase performance.

Kind regards

Could you please double check that the knime.ini files are identical? It sounds to me as if you have different xmx parameter entries, I.e., I assume your 4.3 version is allowed to use more ram than your 4.4 version, which would explain the freezing and runtime differences.




My Notebook using RAM 8GB but my KNIME 4.3 calculate on 1M rows didn’t freeze , 4.4 is freeze and not response

I am using on Windows 10 and avast antivirus. I have setting exclusive folder for KNIME 4.4 no scan virus same as KNIME 4.3 at first but In details, It has some problem on my issue.

Hi @kritsapatw

I’m sorry to say that I don’t quite understand your last message.
Could you possibly test your workflow on another machine or share your workflow with us? Maybe we can reproduce the issue.

Kind regards

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Sorry, Marvin for understanding.

On above Reply. I was install KNIME version 4.3 and execution on 1M data row on my PC that is setting the feature of antivirus for exclusive scan (not scan on C:/Program Files/KNIME 4.3), it is shown data too smoothing and no freeze/not response more. but the same time, I was install new KNIME version 4.4 and setting antivirus same as version 4.3 (C:/Program Files/KNIME 4.4) and setting JAVA heap memory same the previous enviornment. I found version 4.4 that have some heavy load and freeze when open the view output any node more data > 300k or sometime slow response/not response when executive.

So I did not know it what happen. I am very thankful for your supporting. I will try to new installation on another PC for testing.

Hi @kritsapatw

have you had the chance to test a different pc? We don’t seem to have any significant slowdowns on any of our machines or installations. Maybe this is very specific to your workflow; can you share an example that reproduces the issue?

Kind regards

Hello @kritsapatw,

cause for the slowdowns in 4.4 has been identified. Take a look for a quick fix here:



Hi all,

thank you for your patience! We just released KNIME Version 4.4.1 and with this we fixed this issue. :slight_smile:

Any for anyone who is interested in trying out KNIME even faster, give our new table backend a try. You can find more information about it here: Inside KNIME Labs: A New Table Backend for Improved Performance | KNIME


Thank you very much Dev. Team for supporting