KNIME version 4.6.x update to 4.7.2 issue

Hi all,

New to the forum side of things.
I have recently been prompted to update my KNIME Analytics Platform from version 4.6.x to 4.7.2. I have initialised the update from the lower task bar prompt, gone through the agreements and accepted them to which KNIME asked to save my current workflows before it restarted.
Upon the restart, the first pop up screen comes up then nothing… no loading, only my laptop fans spinning up.
Task manager confirms that the CPU and Memory usage sky rocket during this screen and stay pinned at full throttle with nothing happening.
knime screen 1

My IT dept have limited coverage and understanding of this so they just want to uninstall/reinstall however I am concerned that this would mean I would lose all my workflows saved on the workbench as I have not exported them out (as I havent had to).

so my questions are:

  1. is this a known bug, if so is there a way to fix this without uninstalling and loosing nearly 12 months of work.
  2. is there a way to retrieve the workflows that are contained within the workbench without opening KNIME, thus giving me the ability to load them when the uninstall/reinstall occurs.

please help!

Hi @benhunter and welcome to the forum.

If I were you I would do a clean install as well. Fortunately, your workflows are saved in your KNIME workspace, which is a different directory than where the KNIME executable lives. On Windows, the default location is C:\Users\[YourUser]\knime-workspace.

Just to be safe, I would make a backup of that directory. Then reinstall KNIME and point it to your existing workspace. Your workflows should still all be there :slight_smile:

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@benhunter you should check if you have enough memory assigned to knime. Depending on three size of your tasks half or 2/3 of your system memory might do.

Then you could try and do a restart with the -clean option once:

Then if the software is new you could try and see if an agressiv virus scanner might hinder the start.

That is good to know - creating waiting for our tech department to sort it as it is new to them also.

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Thanks for this.

Unfortunately I can’t do much in the form of changes as it is a corporate laptop (so heavily restricted on changes).
I have notified our tech area but being it is a new software for them, they haven’t had this issue of the software being bricked from a failed update - so they are trying to resolve it.

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