KNIME vs Alteryx

Hi KNIME team/users,

Which is idea and best among KNIME or Alteryx platforms tools?

When to go for KNIME and when to go for Alteryx, if they are not same?

Please advise.

Hi @mahesjak

Welcome to KNIME Forum. Take a look at this book From Alteryx to KNIME. You might find some usefull information in it.

gr. Hans


Alteryx comes with some curated datasets that I have found useful on occasion, and their Formula tool is more user friendly and structured to operate in a series which results in cleaner workflows.

KNIME wins for me pretty much everywhere else. I have Alteryx licenses and probably haven’t even opened the platform in the last 2 years. The open source user development really puts KNIME over the top. The result of users developing and openly sharing nodes and components expands KNIME’s capabilities far beyond Alteryx. When you hit a wall in Alteryx, you are stuck waiting on the company’s development. When you hit a wall in KNIME, you can just do a bit of research / post on the Forum and always find multiple ways of pulling things off. I also find KNIME to be more intuitive and capable when it comes to building dynamic processes, which is the key to platforms like these.


thanks for your kind response


What kind of curated datasets? What kind of dynamic processes? Just curious



Dynamic processes - I am a few years removed from Alteryx at this point, but Alteryx seriously lacked a deep integration of “Flow Variables” to control most node (or “Tool”) settings when I left. I was constantly transforming / pivoting at every step to create dynamic component processes that would be portable between projects. It required me to constantly battle the platform limitations and spend too much time overbuilding elaborate workarounds. Hard coding all of the settings in Alteryx caused a nightmare in cascading errors when dealing with incoming data and field changes. The rigid platform approach seemed to be geared more toward manual “1 off” workflow solutions rather than dynamic processes, portability and sharing. In KNIME I can quickly build self adaptive (highly portable) solutions that save a ton of time and hassle.

Example: I created a user friendly controller in Excel that allowed business users to strategically manage all of the categorization values that impact granular budgeting / reporting. In order to implement it in Alteryx, it required heavy data transformations that fed into an Iterative Macro nested in a Batch Macro that was nested in another Batch Macro… It probably took me a week or 2 just to pull it off in Alteryx. When I moved to KNIME I had rebuilt it using a single loop in an afternoon, and I was just starting to learn the program at that point.

Below are a few Alteryx datasets that were useful in my line of work.


High resolution satellite imagery provides spatial reference for better decision making.

Dun + Bradstreet

The highest-quality information on businesses worldwide.


The largest source for data on over 113 million households and 235 million consumers.


Visual presentation of more than 50 layers of cartographic data.


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