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I am quit new to Knime and PRA Tools. Is there someone who could explain me whats the different between Knime and UIpath for example. Is there anything that Knime can do what UiPath cannot and vice versa. Advantages and Disadvantages. I would like to start optimizing processes in my department (Finance/Accounting) but wondering whicht tool helps best.

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@Markus3003, as you can see the products are different markets

How KNIME helps automate Finance you can look here

Hi Markus,

I am not ad avanced user of both platforms but I kind of have some knowledge of both and I am very interested in this topic - so this is indeed a very nice discussion to have.

My experience is as follows:

Knime is a data analytics software - so basically it is incredibly useful in automating every activity your finance team does in terms of numbers manipulation and analysis; and it is also super useful to merge/combine files from different sources. Few examples: if you are in a group of companies and each one sends each month a file in a specified format to the consolidation team, you can automate the collaction, merge and analysis of the info in this file and speed up the consolidation process. Other examples: I assume your team does a lot of pivoting, vlookups, etc. each month to produce standard reports right? An each month is the same routing: they close the numbers, they extract the data, they do the same analysis, etc… With knime you can virtually automate all that, from data extraction from Database to final output.

On another level - Knime is very user friendly and basically everybody in your team with some computer literacy can learn how to use it - my advice is to train some of your junior analysts/accountant on it and have him work with more senior personnel to make processes faster.

UiPath is a RPA tool - it follows a different philosofy. Using uipath you can basically “mimic” human behaviour on your computer. Many example you will find in this scenario are related to automation of orders management on SAP. So basically what you can do is create a tool that receives 1) an e-mail with an order from customer in pdf 2) opens the pdf 3) scan and copy the key items 4) opens SPA 5) inputs the order into SAP. And literally when you do this you see your computer acting autonomously as if it was you doing the activity.
What UiPath in my experience does not do is anything about calculations and data anlytics - it is not his purpose. So if you want to automate complex analysis or even simple calculations, uipath it’s not the choice to go.
And I think the learning curve with uipath is a bit steeper. Ideally teams embarking in automation with Uipath do it as part of corporate projects often supported by external consultants.

In a nutshell I would suggest you start with Knime as I see much more use cases and quick wins for your finance team.

Hope this helps and very happy to hear other contributions on this.



Just thought I would add a link to the webinar KNIME and Day5Analytics did together on this topic (as mentioned by @izaychik63 above):


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