KNIME Webportal Actions (Back, Next button)

Hi everyone ,

I want to know how to handle two cases which are i mentioned below.

  1. How could disable “Back” button in webportal view ?
  2. How could trigger next button after some minutes ?

We want to use for a test application like Knime Certification exam.

  • We also want no return after the question is answered.
  • If the question is not answered in the given time, we want it to automatically move on to the next step.

Best regards.

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Hi @volkancamas,

This is not possible with recent versions of WebPortal anymore and it was never officially supported (nor recommended). The certification exam uses a “hack” to implement this. The same thing holds true for your second question (plus, I didn’t even find a solution for the certification, otherwise, I would have implemented it…).

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I setup a workflow on KNIME server. If I access the workflow with login credentials, I always have a “Back” button. But if I access the workflow with Token authorization I miss the “Back” button if I am at the end of a workflow. I only have the “Back” button available, when there is a next page. But I want the user to be able to go back also at the end of the workflow.

Do you have an idea for the reason?

HI Alkaline,

I was able to reproduce the issue and notified the developers. This is a known problem and will be fixed with future releases.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.


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Hi Temesgen,

thank you for reporting and taking care about this.

Best regards




has this been fixed with version 4.14.1? I setup a workflow with a BIRT report at the end. Users will not be able to download the report, as the download button is missing…

I am also not able to add something after the “Data to Report” node. This skips report generation.

Hi @Alkaline ,

Yes this issue should be fixed in 4.14.1 +. Would you be able to post your workflow if you find this is still not working?


Hi Ztrubow,

yes, I also saw that with the update to 4.14.1 this issue has been fixed. The login is also much more stable. With the old version I had problems when I accessed different workflows by Token one after the other. Or if I accessed a workflow by Token and after that by login. This is also fixed. Great improvments :).