KNIME Webportal Progress Indicator

Is there any clever way in the KNIME Webportal to display some information about workflow execution progress? I have a long-running ETL process that requires some user input in the middle so having a place to check status would be helpful.

One cool way to use this would be to have a generic JS view to all nodes that just displays progress and log info and is disabled by default.




Hi Aaron,

It is currently not possible to check the progress of execution in WebPortal. I created a feature request for it.
In the meantime, you can check the progress of execution using Remote Job View in KNIME Analytics Platform. Let me know if you need more info on that.



I’m facing the same concerns. Showing progress bars or similar for long running processes would be very helpful.
@daria.goldmann where can I find the “Remote Job View” functionality, is it a node or option on the executing workflow. a screen shot would be helpful

Thanks !
Mohammed Ayub

Hi Mohammed,

There are some more details about the Remote Job View functionality in the KNIME Server 4.7 preview guide. Note that the functionality is marked as a preview since we’re still actively adding features and some functionality may change. See page 13 onwards.



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Thanks Jon. I will take a look into it.