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I have a workflow (screen print attached and the same flow) in which in the final part it presents a component where a dashboard is displayed (screen print attached).

Therefore, I refer to the following points:

  1. In knime webportal I can share a dashboard, is it correct? Do I have to pay to obtain said access or service? If it is free, how do I access it?

  2. I understand that the integrated tool called BIRT, I can view a dashboard through a link, from the above, can this generated link be shared? And if so, how can it be done?
    Proyecto.knwf (153,0 KB)

Hi @Pedro87,
The WebPortal is part of our commercial offering KNIME Server. It allows you to deploy a workflow to the web so that other users can run it and interact with it using their browser. KNIME Server is succeeded by KNIME Business Hub, our new commercial offering that has the same functionality: you can upload a workflow, deploy it as a DataApp and other users can access it in their browser. You can find more information about Business Hub here.

BIRT is our integrated reporting engine that allows you to generate PDFs, HTML, and other files from your data. You can deploy a workflow that creates a BIRT report to KNIME Business Hub and people can then run it to see the report, or you can schedule it to run regularly and send an email with the report to colleagues.

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