Knime Weka(3.7) extension bug report

Hi Knime teams & users:

  Recently, I have tested some features of Knime Weka extension, I find in Weka(3.7) extension, there are some bugs in some functions & meta nodes:

For a instance, in Weka(3.7) extension, "BayesNet" node:

Can not change the "estimator" & "searchAlgorithm", when touch them, just print blank interface as below:

But this feature is OK for Weka(3.6) extension, see:

This Blank Interface like bug is common in Weka(3.7) while you chose "filter" & "estimator" & "searchAlgorithm" in subnode selection adjustable parameters, see below:



the problem is fixed and available with the 2.10-release. Are there other weka-nodes with a similar problem?