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Hi all,
I am new in using KNIME Widget nodes. I have used Double Widget in my workflow and I am running the workflow in webportal so the problem is instead of asking the values of parameters it’s just showing the message “workflow executed successfully”. can anyone please help me with this??

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Hello @Anoshpananda,

each WebPortal page (when running workflow) corresponds to the composite view of a Component in the workflow meaning you need to create Component from your Double Widget node in order to “be asked” the parameter value when running workflow.

Check out this user guide about WebPortal for more info:

In it you’ll also find link to Components guide to learn how to work with Components. Guide refers to the latest KNIME Server version (4.13) but you can modify it according to yours. See picture bottom.

Give it a try and in case of any questions feel free to ask!



Hi @Anoshpananda ,

Can you please make sure that you don’t upload the workflow to KNIME Server in executed state, but reset it first?

Your description very much sounds like what would happen if you try to run a workflow on the WebPortal that is already executed.

[Edit: Also what Ivan said, he was a couple seconds faster than me]



Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: It worked :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you please tell me how to show the output on the webportal also?After I am providing the input ,it’s just executing the workflow but not showing the output on the portal.
For instance, In my workflow I am giving 4 parameters (Double widget (It’s a component)) after that I am using javascript node( it’s calculating the sum of the parameters) so on the portal it shows the sum also after asking for the parameters.

Please help!

Great! :slight_smile:

You probably only need to add an additional component downstream from your original one that needs to include one of our visualization nodes, or a Table View (Table View – KNIME Hub) if you want to display the data raw.

See here for more information on how to build Data Apps: KNIME WebPortal User Guide


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