Knime Widgets are not working for me

Hi All,
I am trying to build a workflow where workflow will accept a parameter from web UI and Process data based on that input value, but when I developed a workflow , unless i use execute and open view , the input screen don’t come up , also when i deploy in server, the same get executed without asking for input and complete the flow successfully by using the default values.

was referring this video as well and followed each steps but no luck, wondering if there is any thing which we need to enable in local machine or server to get this deployed and make it interactive.
thanks you in advance.

Hi @jeswanthj,

when developing in the Analytics Platform, interactive views will not open, unless you specifically open them. Deployed to the server and run on the WebPortal, views that are combined into components form webpages.

For single widgets this means that you can simply right-click them and select “Create Component”.

You can also group multiple widgets into a single component, which will then be combined into a single webpage on the WebPortal. You can use the layout editor (marked in the image below) to adjust which widget is shown where. You can also edit the component in the description view, to give it a more meaningful description or icon.

Does this help?

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thanks Marvin for the Quick Reply, I followed all that steps, but when I execute this from server , it completes without showing any web interface and gives the message " Finished successfully" , So i am wondering what exactly i am missing here…

below is the sample workflow i created to test widgets.
where first component’s details are also added.


Hi @jeswanthj,

this looks absolutely fine to me. Maybe the Workflow is uploaded partially executed.

This feature allows you to save some pre-calculations in the workflow. In your case, or when the pre-calculations cause the workflow to save gigabytes of data, this may not be desired.

Could you try the following?
When you right-click the local Workflow and select “Deploy to Server”, please tick the checkbox to reset the Workflow before upload. Alternatively, reset and save your workflow (e.g. by pressing Ctrl + a, F8) before uploading.

Kind regards

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That Worked Marvin! thanks a Million, Amazing!!! you saved my Demo!!! thanks a lot! :smiley:

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