Knime Will Not Start on My Computer

A few months ago my work computer was replaced due to lifecycle management. Ever since the Knime application will not start on my computer. Our IT group has removed and installed the app a number of times but the issue persists. After the install the icon exists on my desktop and the app shows on my Start menu but when I click on either nothing happens. The cursor does not change the the wait style icon. No error messages appear. Just nothing.
Has anyone else ever experienced an issue like this and, if so, how was it solved?

@Experteece what is the installation and operating system? I would suggest to try the one where you would just download the zipped version and try to start that.

(if your system is Windows)

From my experience if KNIME would not start you should check the amount of memory rserved for KNIME. How much is that? I would recommend start with half of your memory and increase that to 2/3.

You might want to check out further hints about KNIME performance and problems.


Hi @Experteece , another thing to try, can you add -clean in your knime.ini file at the top (beginning of the file)? Add the dash and “clean” with no space, and then save the file.

After that, try to start your Knime and see if it works.

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My company has a very strict policy that we do not download software packages and only install packages from our preapproved library so I cannot try your suggestion. but thank you for the response.

Bruno29a, I tried your suggestion and it had no affect. The program still does not start.

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