Knime with Druid

Hello everyone,

Can Knime integrates with the Apache Druid as a Data Store ?

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I believe there is a way to connect KNIME to Druid but never tried it. Here is couple of things you can try/explore:

  • if there is a JDBC driver available for Druid it might work out of the box with the generic Database Connector node

  • as read here if you have Hive/Druid integration any Druid table built using the integration is just another table in Hive, meaning you can query it using ordinary SQL from any BI tool. KNIME has dedicated Hive Connector node

  • here is list of libraries written for interacting with Druid. There are Python and R libraries you can explore as they are integrated with KNIME

Try it out and lets us know how did you pull it off :wink:


Thank you for the response answers

An interesting suggestion especially for the second one.

Okay, will do.

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