Knime with Pandas 0.24


For a workflow that analyses finance data, I am getting a problem I don’t know how to solve.

I use Keras, that as I have seen in other conversations, it relies on Pandas 0.23. But at the same time, I use the yfinance package that relies on 0.24.

How to solve this? Is there any package that allows Knime to use 0.24?

Thanks in advance,

@Apeire you could use several python configuration in parallel. Maybe in two different node - also via the conda environment propagation. You could pickle intermediate results or save them as parquet file.

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Thank you!

I think it works. I will have to spend some time making some test, but looks good.


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@Apeire glad you have a way forward. If you want you could explore these examples about options you have with python and KNIME.