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is it possibil to automate my workflow? Every time I have to change the months manually. Can this also be done with a command? E.g. January is entered in 5 nodes, this should now be automatically changed to February.

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Hello @NewKnimeUser and welcome to the KNIME community!

Automatically changing the month to the current month can be done with a Create Date&Time Range node. Then you can assign that value via Flow Variables to other nodes.

If you need more specific help, can you share your workflow and some example data with us? If the data is sensitive, that’s fine, dummy data will do.
automatic workflow configuration
automatic workflow configuration.knwf (24.7 KB)
edit: Extract Date&Time Fields is actually better suited than the Rule Engine :upside_down_face:


Hi @NewKnimeUser !

Yes, this is possible thanks to variables (as promptly shown by @Thyme example :smiley: :+1: ) which can be set anywhere in the workflow and convey their global or local information all through its execution. A good place to start learning about variables and components is the following:

But as for many KNIME topics, the information in its KNIME forum, Hub, MEDIUM publication and Whitepapers is really helpful and endless.

Welcome to the never ending world of KNIME !

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