KNIME Workflow Control using CASE Switch

I’m currently developing a workflow (pictured below) in which I have 18 metanodes, all of which perform different data manipulation processes. In order to simplify the UI, my goal is to to have one start node (“Control Center”) and one ending node. Within the windpool inputs node, there is a case switch start, that chooses a path based on user input. My case switch is performing correctly, but I’m observing a very strange behavior. To best describe the issue, I’ll walk through what’s exactly happening along with the screenshots. My user input is “AL” meaning I would only like the very top metanode “AL Fair Plan” to execute. My MetanodeChoice variable correctly chooses the desired port of zero. This is evident in both the table of variables, as well as the top variable port coming off of Windpool Inputs not being crossed out. What I’m observing is that for some strange reason, the NM and TX nodes, ports 11 and 16 respectively, are executing and my desired metanode is not. I’ve been scratching my head now for some time and cannot figure out why this is happening. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @JGebhard this is a strange one so all I can do is ask questions at the moment.

It’s always possible that you’ve stumbled on some strange bug but I’ll start by assuming you haven’t so my first question is what observations tell you that it is actually executing the TX and NM metanodes?

Hi @JGebhard

This is not an explanation for your observation. But have you thought about using the concept of Call Workflow to have your wf less complex (and maybe overcome this issue?).
gr. Hans

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Not sure why, but I converted the metanodes to components and now the workflow is working correctly.


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