KNIME workflow for uploading file to

Hello everyone,

I have recently started using database writer in KNIME. I have a problem uploading a file to ORACLE.
My workflow is uploading file to ORACLE successfully but it’s uploading partial data. i.e I have 18000 rows in my table and my workflow is writing 3000 rows to oracle, and I can’t see any error msg.
Can somebody help me on this?


Hi there,

you are using legacy Database Writer node? Which KNIME version are you using? In abave mentioned node there is an option Fail if an error occurs. From node description: If this option is checked the node will fail with an exception if an error occurs while writing the data e.g. a unique key constraint violation. If not checked the node displays a warning with information about the failing rows and will write as many rows as possible.

Maybe this is the case?


Yes, I am using the database writer mentioned by @ipazin. I am using KNIME 3.7 version. I have ‘Fail if an error occurs’ Checked. Still it’s not giving me an error or warning.


hm. Not sure what is happening. I guess you double checked that you have 18.000 rows in KNIME and only 3.000 in database? Also are you creating new table or appending to existing? Additionally you can try new Database Extension nodes which writing nodes also output additional columns providing the number of affected rows in the database and warnings, if checked in the dialog.


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