KNIME Workflow issue

Knime workflow issue I am running into an issue that I am hoping someone might point me toward a solution, as I have failed to find anything about it online. I am doing some extra experiments with Knime, as I think it is the most likely tool I would be able to have long-term access to since it is free, as long as I don’t need to push anything to production on their server. I have an Excel s/s that I used the Excel Reader node as well as the MS SQL Server connector mode and those both feed into the DG Loader Node. No connection issues but there are several columns in Excel that have a data conversion fail as the SQL server table data type is REAL. Unfortunately I do not have the option of just changing data type in the SQL. Thank you for any guidance anyone might have. I have attached a screenshot of my workflow that has the error messages at the bottom.

Can some help me with the above issue? asap

You can change data types various ways. In many cases there are purpose built nodes for these conversions (such as String to Double or Path to String). You can also change types using nodes such as the Column Expressions node or Table Manipulator node. There is no magic answer as some times it takes some data cleanup per column in order to do a successful conversion. Do a forum search on “Data type conversion” and you will get to some example workflows.


Take a look here for DB specific type assignments.

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Thanks for the help. I will try that if i get any issue i will reach out here

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Hi @booramaravind .

It know it sounds silly, but have you ever run the yellow execel reader before the DB uploader?

Ir could be that the old structure has not been updated.