Knime workflow list from server version 4.5

Is it possible to execute a knime workflow to get the list of all the workflows on the server with folder structure?

Our version of Knime is quite old:
Server: 4.5.1
Client: 3.4.2

Thanks in advance

Hi Ricc90,

thank you for your post.
We are surprised to see this version still in action! :blush:

Hope you had a good journey with it so far!

We would like to ask you to open this request at
There are some questions beyond that we would like to discuss at this chance.

Of course we will post the solution here afterwards too for public reference.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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Our recommendation was to check the workflows within <workflow_repository>/workflows directory where they are stored. Each workflow has its own folder within the workflow path and a meta file. The idea was to find and list all folders and workflows.
In Linux this would look like: find -name 'workflowset.meta'-exec dirname {} \; and in Win powershell something like: gci -r -fi 'workflowset.meta'| Select FullName

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Thanks to a similar suggestion from Knime we solved it, so I think this is the only way and simple too.



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