KNIME Workspace Recommendation?

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone is using a workspace different than just their local drive, and if so, what, and how is it working for you?

I currently have my KNIME workspace on my Microsoft OneDrive and while it works well, it is quite slow to sync everything as workflows take up a large amount of space and have many files associated with them.

I was thinking of moving my workspace to Microsoft Azure Blob. Has anyone had any experience with this? I was also considering moving my workspace back to my local drive and creating periodic backups, though I don’t think KNIME has a good way to reset/backup/zip the entire workspace, so it would have to be a manual process.


From my experience:

You’ll be a lot better of keeping your workspace locally and having it backup in some way than keeping it remote.

All your IO operations (opening workflow, accessing tables that aren’t using temp files) will be slower. The behaviour you see with OneDrive backups being slow will become your general experience when interacting with your workspace (opening workflows, saving workflows).


HI @Snowy,

how about creating a workflow that does workspace backup? Then only manual job is to run workflow every now and then :wink:



That’s not a bad idea… My only condition would be I would want to reset the workflows for the backup purposes so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage, but I would want the workflows to not reset in my workspace. (Some workflows I have can take several hours to run…)

Full agree with Snowy about resetting for backup. A great feature for knime would be to expand the “Export workflows…” functionality in a way that either when KNIME is open it auto-backups reset workflows to a defined place (local and/or private KNIME hub for example) regularly.

In my case workspace is full local and not on some network drive that is backuped by IT simply due to speed. Hence I have to backup the workspace myself which means it happens irregularly which is a pretty big risk. But I don’t see an automated way and workspace gets pretty big over time which is a problem for backup (and especially now with coronavirus and more home office, access to network drive is notoriously slow in my case, impossible for any large-file backups.)

What might also help would be a node that performs the “Export workflows”. The one could create a workflow that makes the export (backup) and then moves it to the desired location (network drive, google drive,…). Hm ideally maybe the node has a connection input from new file handling nodes and saves it directly to the target using that connection. Anyway such automated backup would be great for marketing puporses as well as it seems KNIME is more and more going into this “management” type of features.


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