Knime Workspace View - Should have a data view

Hey Guys,

Here’s my request to the team at Knime.

I’m new to Knime, just exploring.

I think, We should have a realtime view of the data(top 5 rows) below the workflow, may be a new tab in the outline window/tab. I believe alteryx has a data view below the workflow, guess this adds a lot of ease.


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Welcome -

“Realtime” view of the data from where - from which node? What does it mean to be ‘realtime’?


Hi @Yog - welcome to the forum.

Maybe the Node Monitor is what you’re looking for? It’s a bit of a hidden feature. Check out this blog post (scroll down to the How to Monitor the State of a Node section) for more info on how to enable it.


Thanks @ScottF. that’s exactly what i was looking for. Cheers!


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