KNIMETV Spring Summit 2023 Playlist

Whether you’re a data enthusiast, a seasoned analyst, or someone stepping into the realm of data analytics, time is often a luxury you don’t have. There’s so much to learn, yet so little time.

If you wanted to but could not attend KNIME Spring Summit 2023, here’s something that might come to your rescue:

:zap:Our playlist “KNIME Spring Summit 2023” on our #YouTube channel offers panels, discussions and ceremonies and many more from the summit!

:bulb: For instance, in one of the videos, Philipp Kowalski delves into how Siemens managed to eliminate tedious manual tasks and streamline their data gardening with KNIME: :arrow_right: Weedkiller Workflow: How Siemens Cut Out Manual Tasks and Streamlined Data Gardening with KNIME - YouTube

But the insights don’t stop there. There are more videos encapsulating thought-provoking discussions, such as: :arrow_forward: "Predicting Home Palliative Care Needs for Cancer Patients " :arrow_forward: "Maximizing the Potential of Data Science with KNIME and Python " :arrow_forward: “Wafer Contamination Detector” and many more that are sure to leave you astounded :exploding_head:

:tv: Explore the full playlist on our #KNIMETV YouTube Channel :arrow_right:

Watch at your own pace, and witness the potential of data with KNIME Spring Summit 2023 Insights!
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You can find the recordings of past KNIME Summits here: KNIME Summits :tv:


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