KREST nodes superseeded by new REST nodes

The KREST nodes are not maintained any more since the company that contributed the nodes went out of business last year. Therefore KNIME has rewritten the nodes from scratch and added lots of new functionality. The new REST nodes can be found in the "KNIME Labs" category on the standard update site.

Hi together,

me and my colleague installed the new REST Nodes, but once we start KNIME they do not show up. So we can not use them.

My colleague is getting an error message printed in the KNIME console:

ERROR RepositoryManager               Node null' from plugin '' could not be created: ID must not be null 

In my log file i found an error too. I think it says that some required packages are missing. Can you help us outhere?

Thanks in advance

Can you try to restart once and pass "-clean" on the command line?

Ok i did. Do you need the log file again?


I rather liked the Get Resource Batch node so I went back and got it from an older KNIME update site!  

I had tried the KNIMElabs node but got back missing data with a different column type.

I was using XLM for a response representation cell type.

Can you try these URLs and tell me how I get back an SDF rather than a missing value  -as it works fine for the KREST nodes but not the new one.



Using the GET node I get back a BLOB column because the content type sent by the web service is unknown to KNIME. Then you can use the Binary Objects to String node to convert it to a string column. I didn't get back missing values.