Whilst trying to figure out why an empty response crashed the POST resource node, I noticed a few things:

  • the error happened in com.cenix.krest.nodes.submitter.single.SingleResponseHandler.getDataFormatForResponse
  • the source code ( has a com.cenix.krest and a com.cenix.krest2 branch
  • the KREST book ( mentions KREST and KREST2
  • the code for getDataFormatForResponse in KREST2 is different, and hence might possibly solve my problem, but....


I checked the update site and there is only one REST client available ( - version: There does not seem to be anything with a version 2.x or com.cenix.krest2

How do I install KREST2?






I guess KREST 2 is currently only available in the nightly builds:

(From / Nightly builds)

I don't see any krest2 nodes in the nightly builds? I've added the URL to my list of update sites, but it only shows the krest nodes, no krest2. When I just browse directly to the URL, there is the krest nodes in the features subdirectory, but no mention of krest2.


Joining the request to get instructions on installing KREST2 in hopes to fix multiple issues with KREST1 (see my other post at

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