L2-DA - Session 03 Database Workflow has a flaw

Dear all,

I am teching the L2 course right now inhouse to some of my colleagues. However, I found out that the Workflow labeled ‘03_Date&Time Transformation & In-Database Processing’ seems to be faulty.

When I execute the optional Activity 3 (in both, Exercise and Solution File). It runs into several errors when executing the DB Reader Node at the very end of this activity. Also, when I reset the H2 Connector I run into several errors, that are either super cryptic or not even explained in more detail.

I also have to mention that the user experience as a teahcer is also diminished due to the fact that we don’t have a console anymore in the new user interface and the error messages are hard to read.

I must say, that I am surprised that you switched from the sqlite dbs which were used in prior versions of the course to H2 which somehow seems to cause these problems. Have never experienced something in the old version of the L2 workflow.

Unfortunately this causes a pretty bad learning experience.

@kowisoft have you tried to switch to the latest H2 driver included with KNIME. That fixed it for me in some instances.

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Thanks for your quick response, @mlauber71

Do you mean this driver?

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@kowisoft with an older driver it seems to work for this course.

But indeed it might be a good thing to bring this together.