L2-DW course, final assessment conundrum

I just finished the final assessment of the L2-DW course (4.7 legacy version). Although I passed, apparently I got something wrong in the second part, which is rather irksome, and I’d like to know where I went astray.
Understandably, there is not solution for download available, and hence I’m hesitant to upload my workflow here. But I was able to come up withe the component that includes/excludes the missing customer IDs. Based on that selection, I have an IF switch that either passes on the unchanged table, or routes it through a row filter. Then I have a GroupBy node that calculates the mean price for each year etc. Based on that I come up with 100 entries above the average when missing cutomer ID are included, but that wasn’t among the multiple choice options. How do I find out where I went wrong?

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Unfortunately, we do not provide official solutions to the final assessments - it would make it too easy!
But you can always get inspiration from the many community members who uploaded their solutions to the KNIME Community Hub (e.g. Workflows: l2-dw – KNIME Community Hub).



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